Thursday, October 22, 2015

 Count the Cost 2.0:  It's Coming Soon!!...

Let me get right to the point.  My sincere apology for my lengthy absence from providing practical and timely articles!  Much has occurred personally and professionally which I cannot share at the moment, but will share in time.

More to the point, there are several great features about to be launched that you the reader should enjoy.  For one thing, they provide good, practical insight about the financial events taking place all around us, but from a spiritual perspective. 

Providing a Christian worldview in contrast to the popular conventions of our day is the mission of these blogs, and I am confident that the Life Planning Institute has more to share that will add significant value.  This I can promise.

So, if you lost heart and gave up on us, please wait.  Beginning in November, I will be providing regular weekly blogs and related articles on topics that will definitely help you manage your personal finances better.  

Future topics will address the most pressing financial issues of our day, such as Social Security and Medicare, The Affordable Care Act and Healthcare, Paying for Higher Education, Saving for Retirement, Shifts in the Investment Markets and, of course, things you can and should do to improve your own quality of life.  

As important as these issues are to you, remember they are just as important to the Lord!..

Thanks for being a Reader, and blessings...


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